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'Thank you for a wonderful nursery experience at Rainbows, the boys have really enjoyed their time with you. Thank you for all the support, caring, learning and fun, we will miss you.'

'We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for W.......over the past two years. He has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Rainbows and that is thanks to your kindness and patience towards him.'

'We are so delighted with how much M....... has blossomed. You have given him such a lovely two years at Rainbows with lovely activities.'

'We think you have done the most amazing job at preparing him both emotionally and academically for school in September.'

'Rainbows has such a happy, caring and nurturing environment, providing a wonderful start to their education, we will really miss being involved with you all.'

'Thank you for your love and constant support that have seen H.......... thrive at Rainbows in the last 2 ½ years, I have nothing but praise and admiration for all your hard work.'

'S............. has made tremendous progress in your care and will remember her little school with great fondness in years to come.'

'Thank you all so much for looking after J........ so well and making his time at Rainbows such a happy one.'


We aim to make Rainbows Nursery School accessible and inclusive to every child in the community. Click here for our admissions procedure and to download our registration form.


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We are open Mondays to Fridays term time only.

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Find out what other parents have to say whose children left Rainbows last school year, or click here to submit your own testimonial.

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