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Elstead news - February 2016

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Enjoying the colder weather

The children have been enjoying our mud kitchen despite the drop in temperature, so ice has been added as another ingredient to the cooking skills in the playground. Indoors where it is a lot warmer we made more tasty treats that were more edible and could be taken home to share with lucky parents or siblings, including cheese scones, lemon biscuits and mini pizzas over the last few weeks.

The childre also had the fun of tasting rice with peas and noodles with soy sauce to celebrate Chinese New Year, this was very popular with everybody, including the fussy eaters. One of our staff brought in her lovely collection of Chinese cups, teapots and bowls with chopsticks, although the noodles proved very tricky to eat without the help of a few fingers!

Over the next four weeks we are pleased to welcome three new children joining Rainbows, so we hope the Spring weather comes very soon and we can all enjoy being outside together.

April 2016 newsletter

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Dear Parents

Welcome back after the Easter holidays. we hope the weather is warming up and we can spend lots of time outdoors this term which the children all enjoy. We are also pleased to welcome two new children joining Rainbows this term.

We are collecting Active Kids Vouchers from Sainsburys this term, the offer finishes in May and I need all the vouchers in by the beginning of July please, there is a collection box in the front lobby, why not ask your friends and neighbours if they have any vouchers to spare? We also appreciate your contributions of fruit and vegetables for the children's snacktime, we are working hard to try and encourage some of the more reluctant children to try different foods.

I have booked our trip to Birdworld for Wednesday 15 June, all the children are invited and a separate letter will be sent our in a few weeks time asking for your confirmation and payment. We will need 3 or 4 parents to accompany us if you are free that day. We plan more walks to the park and woods this term now the weather is warming up, we will try and give a few days notice so the children can bring boots that day if it is muddy.

We will be saying goodbye to 12 of our older children who leave to start their new schools in September, so the second half of this term becomes busy with visits from the reception teachers who come to visit their new pupils, and the children are usually invited to their new schools in June and July. We will plan a trip to Godalming for these older children by bus and train with a picnic in the park which can all be very exciting with your friends.

After our visit from Ofsted on 29 February when we were very pleased to be graded as 'Good' again, the report is now on their website www.ofsted.gov.uk if you would like to read it, I also have 2 paper copies here if you prefer.


Best wishes

Jane, Lily, Lisa, Ruth, Tessa and Charlie.







Best wishes

Jane, Jo, Lily, Lisa, Ruth and Tessa


Some of our recipes

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2 cups plain flour

1 cup of salt

2 tablespoons cream of tarter

2 tablespoons oil

Food colouring

2 cups of boiling water (from kettle)

Mix all the dry ingredients together, add the oil and food colouring, then the boling water. Form into a ball, knead for a few minutes until smooth and ready to play with.


Ready make puff pastry

Tomato puree

Grated cheese

Herbs or spices to taste (optional)

Cut a small piece of pastry, roll into a rectangle approximately 4 x 6 inches, as thin as possible. Spread with puree, sprinkle with herbs and top with cheese.

Roll into a tight ‘swiss roll’ and cut into thin slices. Place on a baking tray and cook for about 15 minutes.

Gas no 6 or oven 180c

February half term

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Dear Parents

Welcome back after the half-term break, we hope you all enjoyed the week off. Next week will be our parent's mornings, a chance for you to discuss your child's progress with their key person, a list is up in the lobby for you to book a convenient time. If next week is not a good time for you, please speak to your child's key person and we can arrange another time to suit you.

It is World Book Day on Thursday 3 March, all the children will be given a £1 token towards a new book, these tokens are accepted in most of the local bookshops, amybe not the larger supermarkets. It would be great if the children could dress up that day, perhaps their favourite character from a book or film, so we can have a fun morning celebrating the pleasure of books. The next day we would also like to invite all the mothers and/or grannies and nannies for coffee and cake to celebrate Mother's Day with your child, see attached invite for times etc.

The weather is still cold with more wet days to come, pleae make sure the children have coats and strong shoes to play outside, we do go out every day even if we need to stay under the canopy in pouring rain. This is a very short half term as Easter is early this year, hopefully we will be seeing signs of Spring very soon and warmer weather when we return in April.

Thank you to everyone on behalf of Jo for all your kind words, we will all miss her and I know the children will notice, but for now we do have enough staff as our numbers are fairly low this term, although we will be welcoming three new children this half term to join us.

Best wishes

Jane,  Lily, Lisa, Ruth, Tessa and Charlie

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