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Elstead news - February 2016

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Enjoying the colder weather

The children have been enjoying our mud kitchen despite the drop in temperature, so ice has been added as another ingredient to the cooking skills in the playground. Indoors where it is a lot warmer we made more tasty treats that were more edible and could be taken home to share with lucky parents or siblings, including cheese scones, lemon biscuits and mini pizzas over the last few weeks.

The childre also had the fun of tasting rice with peas and noodles with soy sauce to celebrate Chinese New Year, this was very popular with everybody, including the fussy eaters. One of our staff brought in her lovely collection of Chinese cups, teapots and bowls with chopsticks, although the noodles proved very tricky to eat without the help of a few fingers!

Over the next four weeks we are pleased to welcome three new children joining Rainbows, so we hope the Spring weather comes very soon and we can all enjoy being outside together.